Conveyancing deals with inter alia the transfer of ownership of land from one person to another.

Our firm renders the following services:

  • Advice on and drafting of Contracts of Purchase / Deeds of Sale including:
    • Houses
    • Farms
    • Small Holdings
    • Sectional Title Units
    • Business Premises
    • or any other immovable property
  • Registration of Transfers, Bonds, Bond Cancellations
  • Opening of Sectional Title Registers together with the transfer of units to end-users.
  • Cluster Developments
  • Sub-divisions and Consolidations
  • Affordable Housing and Leasehold Transfers
  • Servitudes, Notarial Bonds, Notarial Deeds and Ante-nuptial Contracts (also see Notarial Practice) and all matters relating to the above
  • Deceased Estate Transfers
  • Divorce Transfers
  • Substitution of Debtors
  • We are on the panels of:
    • Standard Bank of SA Limited
    • First National Bank
    • First National Bank Commercial
    • Absa Bank Limited
    • Nedbank Limited
    • Eskom Finance Company SOC Limited

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